Keeping track of projects & people is hard.
ProjectPuzzle makes it easier.

  • calendar When are you available?
  • wrench Do you have enough to do?
  • people Do you need
    more people?
  • ProjectPuzzle will help you answer these questions.

ProjectPuzzle is a project scheduling tool.
By tracking your current projects and who's working on them and when, you'll have a clear picture of what's going on.


Switch between projects view or people view on the timeline. See which projects need people, or which people need projects.

Add project

Adding new projects or people is quick and easy. No big forms to fill out.

See conflicts

Simple drag and drop interface to adjust assignments. Get immediate feedback on scheduling conflicts.

Plans & Pricing

Premium $ 100/month

Unlimited People
Unlimited Projects

Plus $ 50/month

20 People
Unlimited Projects

Basic $ 20/month

5 People
Unlimited Projects